Friday, July 30, 2004

Gonna pick up a Carnie

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been spectacular. Mine is far from over as I am coming into work on Saturday and Sunday for 8 hours each in order to make up time for next week as I am going out of town. Tonight is the big night. I am taking my mentor girl (Jaylie) to the Orange County Fair. This isn't the same as an Indiana fair. If you are from anywhere other than Indiana, an Indiana fair includes the following; pie contests, ACDC songs, the Gravitron, and mullets. Here in Southern California you might get a mullet or two but they are most defintely not from Orange County! Orange County, Indiana (right by my county of Lawrence) is very redneck and here...not so much.

I am feeling mixed on taking Jaylie to the fair. I am getting so old that I can't even tell you. I have no idea what the fun ever was in a fair other than the food any more. I remember that I liked a funnel cake, hot dogs, grilled corn, fried snickers etc... but those things are off limits to me now so I guess it's the livestock for me. I have seen plenty of that growing up in Indiana. Doesn't everyone love that farm on Hancock Avenue right in the middle of town. I mean, we saw cows going to lunch from school. Life is funny in Indiana ...that's what I have decided.

Things here are going pretty well. I am trying to get myself on my feet financially right now and that's proving to be quite a feat. I had an interview today with a job finding agency to see if I can find a clerical position in my area that wants someone part time. I took a bunch of tests to see what I am good at and apparently clerical is what I do. I type really well and so it looks like receptionist positions or data entry are it. They pay pretty well here though and that's good. Please pray that I get a job soon though because I am getting nervous for certain!

This week I have learned a lot about what I need in friends. Do you ever do an inventory of who you allow in your life and wonder what on Earth you were thinking. There are times in your life where you are extremely lonely and you forget what you require in a friend much less a partner. I have wasted some serious time and energy lately on people who are just foul. I have decided no more of that. I don't need it! Then I have these amazing friends who God has clearly decided I deserved when I didn't. I love my friends! You all are such a blessing to me. This weekend I get to spend time with 2 of my dearest and I am so excited about that.

I miss you Indiana folks! I think you should know that! I love you all very much and I need to close this post for the day as I have some more things to do before picking Jaylie up. Please pray that I can find a husband at the fair. I have always wanted to marry a carnie! HA HA (totally joking ya'll) Love you all and ~Shalom~

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