Thursday, July 29, 2004

Joe Joe the Auto Club Man

Last night I got a quote on car insurance from Auto Club and it's the best quote I have ever gotten. I got to meet this great guy that works there named JOE! It was a lot of fun so I just had to tell you all because who knows what could progress out of this little "quote." I also should note that Joe got me a rate for $1,000 less than another leading company. :) You gotta love that guy!

Today has been fun. I went to my first meeting of Floor Moms. I am doing this program at Vanguard called "Floor Moms" where you help new Freshmen to feel welcome and just be there for them. It's a great ministry and I am working on a great team of Pam, Judy, Heather, Mary, and I. It will be so much fun with that team!

Also, I got called for an interview today for a receptionist job which is better for my health. I have the interview at 10:00 tomorrow morning so I defintely need prayers as soon as possible. I am very much hoping that something works out soon as I need a job soon with the library position ending on August 24th. I am not worrying though because God takes care of me. I am just praying for the right job to come along and for me to see it coming!

Today I experienced moderate saddness about not being in college anymore. That was an interesting feeling for me because well, I haven't felt it yet. I graduated in May and I have been nothing but exhuberent that I don't have homework, classes, roommates, etc... Now is a different story though. I walked into a Vanguard classroom for a meeting and my eyes got a little misty with thoughts of not "belonging" here anymore. I was mega sad!

Here is another gripe right now. I miss my people. I haven't spent time with one of my favorite boys in 2 years and now I am missing another one! OH well..I'll shut up now!

Well, that's it for today folks. Have a great day and ~Shalom~


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