Monday, July 19, 2004

Last official day in Colorado

Today is my last full day here in Colorado with Josh. I am not super sad about it because I really do have to get back to California and make some $$! I have really enjoyed my time here with Josh and his friends and family. After posting yesterday Josh came home and we went to Red Rocks which is this place that is a tourist attraction kinda and a concert venue. It is really gorgeous and we took a picture for the web-site.

We then went out with a group of Josh's friends and his parents to this legend in Josh's mind called "Casa Bonita." It's this restaurant/entertainment zone where everything is kinda themed. Josh is very excited about this place so I wouldn't dream of putting it down. It was fun and we were in the room where the magician performs while you eat. It inspired me and I could quite possibly pick up a 4th job in magic.  We had a great time and Josh's friends are great. They are way low key like him and I enjoy that.

My favorite friend I have met here of Josh's is defintely Dan. Dan is mexican so obviously he is really attractive but that has little to do with why I enjoy him. He is completely like Josh so again, just an easy guy to like. He is really funny and completely low key so it was fun to hang with him and the others.   After our "Casa Bonita" experience, we met up with another one of Josh's friends (Caleb). Caleb seemed really cool too and brought the girl he is dating. We decided to rent a video and chill at Dan's house for the rest of the evening. We rented 187 which is this movie with Samuel L. Jackson where he teaches at a inner city school and it's really kinda freaky but I liked it. Josh and I just kinda hung out all night but Josh slept through the movie. SURPRISE SURPRISE!  

We got home really late so we decided to just go to bed when we got in. Today Josh has to work until 4:00 so I have just been chillin at his house all morning. This evening we are having the legend of all legends...Randy's Steaks. Randy is Josh's dad and apparently he makes the best steak ever. I am excited since I am a proclaimed beef eater. I have no idea what else is on the agenda for tonight but I think we are hanging out with Josh's friends again. Tomorrow before I take off for Cali we are going to Columbine which is of course the moment I have been waiting for.   Overall this has been a great vacation and very relaxing. My only sad statement is that I have eaten so much since I have been here. I haven't gained any weight but I certainly haven't lost any. I spend a lot of time just sleeping and relaxing but those of you who really know me, know that I needed that. Wednesday I am back to the world of 3 jobs so this relaxing has to carry me through. By the way, it's almost my 24th birthday! Pretty exciting!  

Well, I should close the post for the day and maybe get dressed. It's 2:15 here and I am seriously in my pajamas. I told you he relaxes me! Have a great day everyone and I'll see you all soon! ~Shalom~

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