Saturday, July 10, 2004

Conquer it Erica, that's the goal!

Today has been a really hard day. I went to BabyStyle at noon to work and it was crazy. My store manager was fired and noone is talking so I have no idea why?! I only started on Monday and already like 3 people are leaving and things are changing that I just learned. I am very frustrated with the secrecy among the managment at BabyStyle because it seems that I can't find anything out about what happened even to find out what the future holds for our management department.

The day was hard on it's own too with the store full at all times, a very irritable store manager who came from a different store and apparently hates us, and a mistake on my part early in the day. Those of you who know me are aware that I hate making mistakes and even more so, I hate admitting I made a mistake. The mistake wasn't a big deal because I sold a $100 gift certificate to a lady. I had never sold one before so I asked a co-worker to show me the ropes. I should note here that I have not been properly trained but more thrown to the wolves. We started with 2 days of very good training and then we went way off of schedule and I am learning as I go. Well anyway, I was standing with the co-worker guiding me through the process of selling a gift certificate. (We do not use gift cards but the actual certificates that go into envelopes). Well, she failed to tell me to activate the certificate or how to do the lady left with a gift certificate not activated. We luckily figured out the # and were able to do it without her there but you know, it was frustrating because it looked like I was incompetent when quite honestly, I just wasn't taught. Oh well, crap happens and the day is over!

I have never wanted a day to end so badly as I did today. I am tired, hungry, discouraged, and completely sore all over. My back hurts so bad and oh look, no boyfriend to massage my back! This bites~ I haven't had the greatest of days but I love you guys and ideally my goal is to conquer this job and be excellent at it just the same as I try to do at everything else. I am having to perform quite a few pep-talks on myself right now. Please keep praying for me and I love you guys so much! Call me soon if you haven't! ~Shalom, I hope soon~

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