Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Photos are so fun!

Today I did something I literally haven't done in 6 years. I had professional pictures taken. Now, when I say professional pictures, I mean Sears Portrait Studio. I just haven't had pictures taken in a long time and thought since I have lost 104 lbs it would be good to get some new pics. They aren't wonderful but they were so much fun to get taken. I will upload some onto the web-page which will be fun. They are funny. I actually got to wear a red firemen hat which was super great. You all know that I am crazy as it is and the person who was taking my photos felt it necessary that my personality would fit well with the firemen deal! :) It was great!

I have had an ok day. The major crisis that came down this week is now solved. Now, this has repercussions that are going to last for some time but overall the major problem is solved as of today. I am really glad it's over with for the most part. I am healing slowly from the situation and seriously am so glad that God came through with all the help he did through someone who loves me :)

The weight loss thing is hard but going well. I weigh in every Saturday so I make myself stay away from the scale during the week and just eat well and exercise. I am trying really hard and I want it more than anything so I figure it's time to get 'er done! ;)

My major goals right now are to get to my goal weight, be financially independent and take care of myself, and to find a grad school to go to and get in. I really want to go to Vanguard but we'll see. Please also pray that I find a job soon that I can handle. I am going to see about the surrounding libraries in Southern California since I have a lot of experience there and it would be ideal for grad school. Keep praying everyone! Today has been an ok day. If any of you know me really well you know that today and tomorrow are hard days for me on the calendar. If you can just pray that my heart deals well with them this year as they are harder with new things in my life.

Thanks for your prayers everyone and have a great day and please let me know how you all are doing! ~Shalom~

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