Saturday, July 31, 2004

Fair was well...fair

Good Saturday to you everyone. I am having a great day as I got on the scales today and found myself 2 lbs lighter. I am very happy about that and it certainly is paying off to watch what I am eating. I have worked all day today so that I can take Monday and Tuesday off to go and see my friend in Nor. Cal. I am looking forward to it because we are going to San Francisco and Sacramento while I am there. I am also looking forward to some total quality time with my friend who is taking me :) I love that kid!

I am finding myself really growing in friendships lately just simply because they are good for me finally and the unhealthy people are out of my life. I am so glad because it's amazing to be surrounded by good people. I also thought today how awesome it is that I am at this amazing point in my life. I am finally doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, and where I want to do it. Granted I am not quite the rebel that it sounds like I am, but I am certainly the master of my own destiny so to speak!

Last night I took Jaylie to the fair and it was a good time. We rode some rides, had some fair food, and ran into my auto guy JOE! Yes, you heard right. He was working the tent for Auto Club which was interesting. You never know what you might find at the fair. I did after all ask for prayer yesterday to find my husband at the fair. Who knows???!! Just kidding

Overall the fair was a great time and Jaylie and I got some good bonding time together. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would but it could be that the Auto Club thing made my night. I also was able to chat with a good friend last night which was way appreciated and I love talking to friends. This friend is fairly new to me and it is good to start to grow with him.

Today has been really great as I lost the 2 lbs, got to talk to my favorite boy here in Cali, and have worked all day which equals some serious $$! Honestly, not much to report other than the 2 lost lbs which is super big news but have a great weekend everyone and tune in tomorrow for more excitement (as usual) ~Shalom~


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