Monday, July 05, 2004

~First day in Baby-land goes amazingly~

Today was my first official day at BabyStyle in Fashion Island. It was so much fun. I know that sounds bizarre because normally a first day on the job can be hectic and scary but it was just so much fun. My manager that is training me is the nicest lady on the planet and she just totally taught me so much. I was actually able to be on the floor today and I was able to help customers and enjoy the actual sales floor. I love the interaction and the fast paced way to be. I never thought I would like that but I totally do! I honestly just loved the first day. I know this is speaking rather positively and I might hate it when I get more into it but I have a good attitude about it. It's fun being around little ones all day and happy pregnant mommies looking to spend a lot of bones! :)

Our stuff is really cool and it totally serves a lot of different kinds of people. There are rather expensive items but there are also some more affordable items for those of us who do not roll in the dough but rather merely wade in it a bit. Check out the web-site if you have kids at It's good stuff. I get a nice little discount as well so I guess all the babies and pregnant mommies in my life are going to get some nice gifts. Come on people, get pregnant so I can buy you things! HA HA :) Just kidding, I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

The weird part of this is that most of the people I work with do NOT have kids and are not married. That's such a nice transition from what I thought I would have and the marriage happy Vanguard. Now don't get me wrong, I love Vanguard but can we seriously go one day without mentioning being engaged. Thanks! ;) I am a little bitter but I'll get through it. Anyway, overall the first day was a blast and everything was great.

I am still loving my beautiful new place to live and I have the house to myself (and a friend) for the next week. I am going to just have a blast all by myself pretending to be a wealthy girl. Noone has to know that I plan to do the "Risky Business" scene with Tom Cruise right in front of the baby grand piano. It has to happen. You would do it too...don't laugh.

Well all, have a beautiful day and thank you so much for your prayers. They are certainly working as I feel happy to have been hired here. Well this is me signing off!

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