Saturday, July 17, 2004

Josh = no stress!!!!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing great. I am having a ton of fun with Josh and his indoor soccer hotties! I went to watch him play indoor last night and that was an experience. Let's be serious, there was a hot mexican man who made direct eye contact with me over an order of Wendy's chicken nuggets! He can't really speak English but I figure he only needs to know how to say my name to have a fun time. (j/k)
Josh is a fun host and we actually ended up riding home in the back of a jeep with no windows where I was literally freezing to death! We were having to talk rather loud in order to have a conversation but as usual Josh and I had a great talk even there.  We ended up having to take a big fat walk when we got home because I am eating whatever Josh eats and that is usually something saturated with fat and rolled in sugar. I can't stand to gain any more pounds so that's bad news for me. I am forcing Josh to keep me accountable to exercise and if you have ever seen Josh walk, he walks way faster than I do so I have to keep up which makes the heart rate move!
We are having a super-great time and we are learning a lot about the opposite gender just by hanging out. He is this amazing friend that I can say literally anything to so life is good! I am so grateful to Josh and his family for having me. It's so relaxing which is good. I called work today and got my schedule and when I get back, it's work work work...until I pass out. It's good I am getting this vacation.
Well, I should close this post as Josh and I are going to watch "The Sandlot." I have never seen it so Josh insists that I must now! Have a great day everyone and a big fat ~Shalom~

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